Reaching our Peaks

On the fourth year of The Boru3Peaks event all proceeds from the event are going to the Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre.
The centre is an essential facility for the community offering all kinds of necessary services, training and support.
It just so happens that a couple of employees at the centre (including myself) have decided to improve our fitness levels and conquer the peaks.

With the guidance of Malachy Sheeran a seasoned athlete and Boru3Peaks competitor, Joan, Paul, Kerry, Pauline and I have been meeting and training twice a week, while also attending the 5km Clarisford Park run every Saturday morning as it is a good weekly target for all of us all to aim for.

For the purpose of this 1st blog I'm just going to talk about Kerry, Joan and I.

All 3 of us want to achieve a decent level of fitness, while also toning up and improving overall well-being. And although we are all at different levels of fitness we enjoy the support and fun of getting together as a group to challenge and motivate each other.

I went into this training feeling quite unfit as I had let myself go with too many nights in on the couch feasting on biscuits. (Nom Nom)
To my surprise my levels of fitness returned quite quickly and my stamina is improving with every run.
Cigarettes used to play a major part in my life, rendering it near impossible to swim and run, both of which I love to do.
As Kerry is also an ex smoker he is struggling a little bit with stamina which he is now seeing some improvement with which is fantastic.
Kerry has just been given the all clear by his doctor to train with us as he had some health issues in the past. He stated that he is feeling a big improvement physically and mentally and attributes that to being out and about in the fresh air more often.

We all agree that we have learned invaluable warmup and stretching techniques from Malachy and have had no major aches/pains post running.
Joan has been experiencing some foot pain so she is looking into alternative and suitable footwear, especially as she said she wants to keep up training indefinitely and her long term goal is to climb Croak Patrick.
Joan's main issue which she admits herself, is her breathlessness whilst running but hopefully with a bit of perseverance it will get easier.

Mentally we are all feeling motivated and exited about the future of our fitness.

That's all for now folks,


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